Add circle, logo, image or blur to video with Avidemux

I needed to add a red circle on a video to emphasize the content over a period of a few seconds. It turns out that this is fairly simple with Avidemux.

1. Create a PNG image of a circle with a transparent background (I did it in Gimp and its beyond this tutorial)
2. Open a video file in avidemux.
3. From the menu select Video -> Filter to open Video Filter Manager, then select Miscellaneous on the left and doubleclick on Logo (add a png as logo) on the right.
4. In new window select a logo file, enter X and Y positions in pixels from the top left corner, choose transparency (0 means fully transparent and 255 not) and click OK button.
5. Back on Video Filter Manager click on Partial button on the bottom of the window, in a new window enter the frames (which can be found out on the main video window) and click OK button.
6. Click on the Close button on the Video Filter Manager to return to the main video window and left to the video select the encoding type instead of default Copy.
7. Just re-save the video.

A logo can be added the same way, just don't use a partial filter (step 5) and alpha should be 255 (no transparency in step 4).

To blur a certain part of a video (square shaped), just use another filter instead (step 3): Mplayer delogo, enter the position and size of the blurred square/rectangle area.

To move an image (circle) together with the video (for example to follow the face of a person) use several Logo filters and adjust X and Y accordingly to each of them.


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Persistent Inappeasable Mind on : Add a blur to a part of a video with Avidemux

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I made a video of how to emphasize (add a circle over a face) things in a video with Avidemux. The same can be done for adding a blur with a different filter - Mplayer delogo.However, blurring just one part of the video with the Mplayer delogo filter once


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prem kumar on :

i want to blur portion of avi video with avidemux software
i mentioned avi format now, then what will be the size of output file?
is size equal to input file size or more?

thank you sir

mkljun on :

This will entirely depend on the codec used to encode the saved video.


prem kumar on :

i have my doubt

- i add logo to video by avidemux software by your help page
- after i add logo to video i have preview the output video from avidemux
- after this i have produce the video, but there is no change in the video. output video is just like input video. i have selected frame where to add a logo.

pls help me.

mkljun on :

Maybe I was to unclear on this step (this is the step 6.)

Before saving the fie (File->Save->Save Video) you NEED to select the encoding algorithm on the left side of the vide. This means that the button Copy below the label video is changed to something else.

See the video at 2:06.

Otherwise the video part of the file will just be copied from the original and no filters will be added.

mkljun on :

One more thing.

Bluring just one part of the video with the Mplayer delogo filer once failed on me. I waned to add a blur just for five seconds over a face in a longer video. If I didn't specify the frames (Partial button in step 5) I gut the blur over the whole length of the video. With Partial selected I ended up with destroyed video.

Let say I wanted to add a blur from the frame 500 to the frame 600 on a video of 1000 frames (I know I know, but just for the sake of keeping numbers low).

1. Split the video in 3 parts (use the reddish buttons A & B at the bottom of the video to select UNdesired parts of it and use Edit->Delete): first from frame 0-499, second from frame 500-600 and third from frame 601-100. Save each part as it's own file (no encoding needed so both video and audio remain on Copy)
2. Add a blur to the second video with the procedure described above but selecting Mplayer delogo as a filter (and don't forget to encode the video).
3. Concatenate the three videos. Open the first one and select File->Append to add the other two

Well I guess this could be a tutorial on it's own.

Adriano G. V. Esposito on :

Strange, I have Miscellaneous different...


Version 2.6.7


habib on :

there is no option in Avidemux 2.6.8 v2
to add logo in Miscellaneous.
but in transform there is a option to add logo but it not sport png format.
it just only sport jpg without transparency.

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