About me

My name is Matjaž Kljun. I am a researcher and assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (Depatment of Information Sciences and Technologies) at the University of Primorska. My areas of interest are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Personal Information Management (PIM) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education.

I co-direct the HICUP LabHumans Interacting with Computers lab at University of Primoska together with Klen Čopič Pucihar.
I am one of the co-funders of the ACM SIGCHI Chapter Bled.

About PIM

PIM stands for Personal Information Management which studies how people manage their information in the real and digital world(s). It is an interdisciplinary study combining Human Computer Interaction (HCI), cognitive psychology, knowledge management, information retrieval and others. It has attracted several researches who try to understand how people acquire, organize, archive and retrieve their personal information and who try to design new tools to help us manage information in more “natural” and humane way.

To learn more about PIM please visit the Resource page for Personal Information Management.

About the blog

I started a blog in 1999, which was alive for over 6 years. Than the server’s hard drive failed in giving out bits and that was the end of the blog as well. I had an old backup but in 4 years I haven’t had time (and wish) to put it up again.

I have started this blog in 2009. Public posts include news and thoughts about personal information management, human-computer interaction, interaction design, programming hints, software hints, and my DIY projects.