Can rumored Windows AI search create a revolution in PIM?

I recently read an article on techradar that stated this:

The leaker does expand on one point, though: that Microsoft is planning a Copilot timeline/history feature that’ll allows users to locate any file, image, app, basically anything that has been previously opened on their PC, using the AI. A history-based super-search, in other words, that’ll likely allow you to do things like request ‘that file where I wrote about Nvidia’s new RTX Super graphics cards’ or similar more natural language-based requests than traditional search.

I remember when search came to OS X and it revolutionised the way we manage our files on personal computers. And then Gmail revolutionised the way we manage email. Way less filing in carefully crafted folders.

I was just starting getting interested in the field of Personal Information management and reading 2 fundamental papers exploring this:

Improved search engines and navigation preference in personal information management
O Bergman, R Beyth-Marom, R Nachmias, N Gradovitch, S Whittaker
ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) 26 (4), 1-24, 2008

The use of attention resources in navigation versus search
O Bergman, M Tene-Rubinstein, J Shalom
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I wonder how this new search will affect us! Exciting times.