A kettle with a hot metal lid and the button that works half of the time

I recently bought a kettle which is nicely designed and it matches the toaster. It operates like this:

  • To open the metal lid the black button needs to be pressed and the lid pops open.
  • To close the lid, a metal part of the lid needs to be pressed down (since closing it with a finger on the button does not work — that’s for opening it).

This becomes a problem if I need more than one kettle worth of water. So I need to boil one after another. The metal lid heats up and it’s impossible to touch it without being burnt. Using a kitchen towel works.

I wonder how the design team did not test this out.

Toaster and kettle – black and white. The kettle has the black button on the top. When pressed, the lid pops open.
The lid with some condensed drops of water on it after emptying it and filling it with new water to be heated up.
But they still look nice.