DIY simple phone holder

I started to do this while back before the availability of cheap universal solutions from Asia. When I switched phones my expensive dedicated Nokia 6310 holder didn't fit my new phone. As the mount and the holes were already there I decided to make several holders myself (for and my wife). Below are some example photos and a general steps taken:

  • Measure your phone
  • Cut plexiglass in a desired shape that would hold your phone (not to obstruct buttons)
  • Make a piece of wood the size of your phone
  • Heat up the plexi and bend it around the piece of wood
  • Paint it as desired
  • Mount it as desired

Triple foldable desk

With three kids two just starting school (so to say) they still need space to play. This is (are) their foldable and movable desk(s).

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DIY Hedwig - Harry Potter's owl

This one was made by my wife for the book day school's competition for the best costume. Since they are quite expensive (probably because of the size as well) she decided to sacrifice one pillow, a tiny bit of white wool, black and white thread, and a piece of yellow foam sheet. Hedwig is 0.5m high and won the competition together with our Harry.

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DIY cake pop stand

I made this for my son's birthday to carry it to school. But it can sit on the table and kids can pick them as they like. Better than floral foam or styrofoam and can be made in a desired size.

DIY car laptop stand #2

I wrote about a stand that I made in one hour here. It took a bit more to do this one in my friends workshop (needed some joiner's tools to drill holes in a proper angle). The frame is made of oak wood, I used 6mmx16cm long screws and a really good glue to put it together. The aluminium trim is screwed with 6mmx6cm long screws. The laptop just slides in so it doesn't move around. I used the white platform from the old stand (hence so many holes).

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