Google knows everything! Even where my shop assistant is

What is he doing there is beyond my immagination.

This is my FC!

Well .. after 4 years living in UK and getting tired of being asked which FC I'm a fan of .. here's my answer:


  • Their field is only 100 meters away from the house
  • Their games are WAY cheaper (read free) then those of the Premier league
  • You can have fun with kids in the meanwhile (the space around the field is big enough for another field)
  • If thirsty of hungry ... the fridge is just 100m away and
  • I couldn't care less for the football :)

How to write non-English letters in my name

Well .. apparently there are many ways. My name is written like this 

Matjaž Kljun

But when the keyboard lacks special letters you can always compensate with other non English letters like my colleagues do

Mątjăz Kljún

Or like this

Mätjåz Kljũn

I suppose both are still better than Nat Jazz :)

Showcase of a store with a price for the missing item

I suppose not the April fools day. Made me laugh nonetheless ... the first item on the list is a hat for 7€.

A smile with a pancake

Very similar to this one :)