Solu - a new computer that does away with the folders' hierarchy system

Solu is a little computer that aims to fix all what PCs have been doing wrong all these years (e.g. files, folders, mice ...) based on the CEO behind this new gadget.

A long story short:

  • there is currently a Kickstarter campaign going on,
  • it will come out in 2016 for 349€,  and
  • it will be subscription based (no software to install, no storage to buy ...)

It's a nice concept very similar to my Task Information Collections (TIC) with clusters of related information together. These clusters are project based (like TIC) and based on the video it features a zoomable interface. I wonder how it scales up with thousands of files. And a question remains if we are willing to give up hierarchies and PCs for this? And some (with a reason) don't believe in its success (yet).


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