Costly spelling mistakes in filenames

I was searching for a file for about an hour before realising I made a spelling mistake in the file name. I searched the web for similar stories. Unfortunately there aren't many. And the ones I found were not about one's own mistakes.

  • A builder for bootsptrap (written by a person) saved a bootstrap javascript file with a wrong name. There were many posts about this bug that made a lot of people wonder why the file could not be found.

"At javascript.html I can build bootstrap.min.js via but return filename is boostrap.min.js. First time I didn't seen typo and saved it as is. Then I was unable to access bootstrap.min.js served by nginx and notified typo in filename."

  • I suppose this person had a similar problem than me (or maybe not) and posted a Superuser question about real-time spell checker for folder names. By the way, this is not possible in real-time at the moment but it is a really good idea to implement in current operating systems.

"Many programs are available to check for spelling mistakes or wrong grammar. Is it possible to use spell checking on folder names?"

I'd love to find more stories about it. I remember Keeping Found Things Found project that had a forum dedicated to PIM stories/mistakes - Tales of PIM. But it never got a spin and is under maintenance at the moment. Apparently people don't want to talk about their PIM problems or they just don't think about them. Once I read about how people feel guilty if not knowing something about technology and they rather pretend to know how to operate it than admit the lack of knowledge. I also read about how people feel ashamed at mistakes made even if interface is to blame. I just can't remember the sources. Maybe PIM is similar in this respect - people maybe feel that they are the only ones to blame for mistakes made.


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