Tiree Tech Wave 6 #tireetechwave #ttw

I'm slightly sad I wont be able to join the PIM workshop this year. The new format (working jointly on new problems rather than presenting previous work) is very attractive and can contribute to new ideas and great work. However, I have participated the similar event three times already -- called Tiree Tech Wave or TTW.

TTW is what I'd call a "slightly different" workshop. It has no official schedule to follow and is a great getaway from everyday work routine to do some research/work on things that otherwise don't get on our schedules. The location of the workshop is ideal: the remote island in the Inner Hebrides.


"The cutting edge of wind-surfing boards is now high technology, but typically made by artisan craftsfolk, themselves often surfers. Similarly hardware platforms such as Arduino, mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and web mashups enabled by public APIs and linked data are all enabling a new maker culture, challenging the hegemony of global corporations."



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