How to select only full cells in a column - Libreoffice / Openoffice Calc

Imagine having a column in a spread sheet with many lines in which not every line is full; but we want to select only the ones that are full. I'm doing this with a "Find" dialogue box and when wondering if there exists a simpler solution I only came across more complicated ones :/.

Here's is how I do it:

  1. Select the data set in the row with empty and not empty cells.
  2. Open Find & Replace dialogue box (Edit -> Find & Replace from the menu).
  3. In the "Search for" field write this regular expression: .*
  4. Click on "More options" and check "Regular expressions" and "Current selection only".
  5. Click on "Find All"
  6. Copy and Paste wherever wanted.

Hope this is clear enough.

Needless to say that with regular expressions it is possible to select various things:
- Cells containing letters only: [A-z]
- Cells containing numbers only: [0-9]

- ...

For various examples of regular expression see these examples. It's worth learning them.


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Giavi on :

Hello, that's great!! Unfortunately I need exactly the opposite :-D
I need to select only blank cells! I'm sure that a very similar operation has to be done in order to achieve that. Perhaps I have to type something else instead of ".*"??
Thank you,


mkljun on :

The regex for empty string is "^$". However, this doesn't work in Libre/OpenOffice. The rationale behind is explained here:

"Searching for the regular expression '^$' will not find empty cells. This is intentional - the rationale being to avoid performance issues when selecting a huge number of cells. Note that empty cells will not be found even if you are only searching a selection."


However, there are other options. Depends really on what you try to achieve. This might be of help:

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