Nonlinear presentations based on open standars HTML5 & CSS3 - a list of tools

It's been over a year since I wrote a list of non-linear presentations software. I used Sozi then, but things have changed and there's more choice. I now make my presentations in HTML5 and CSS3.

There are several javascript frameworks that can produce HTML presentations (check cool presentations on their websites):

I wont go into details, just open the links and check what they are capable of. Major drawback of these is that you need to know HTML and CSS to create presentations. And if you need printouts, this can be hard to achieve as well. The good thing is that a few editors are available.

Both Impressionist and Strut look very promising for the wider adoption of these type of presentations.

One thing is sure: HTML is plain text and I LOVE plain text. I'm not a fan of proprietary formats which break my files (in general) with every major version release. This is one of the reasons I WRITE (almost) everything in TXT and TEX. With presentations in HTML, my digital life moved even more into the plain text world.

I'd like to thank everyone for producing such a good variety of tools. 


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