LaTeX - insert a PDF table as an image in a table environment

On of the most painful (at least IMHO) things to create in LaTeX are complex or big tables. It is easier to make them in a spreadsheet software (Libreoffice Calc, MS Excel or even Word) and export them as PDFs (either File->Export as PDF, File->Save as or using PDFCreator). It is possible to insert PDFs as images in figure environment like this:

 \caption{Similarities and overlap between the two PIM frameworks}

However, this caption starts with the word "Image X: ..." while I want to have a caption stating with "Table X: ...".

It is possible to insert a PDF in a table environment as well like this:

  \caption{A table}

If a PDF needs to be cropped you can do it like this:

                                                       %left, bottom, right, top
\includegraphics[width=0.85\textwidth, clip=true, trim=0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm]

You might also need the following package:



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