How world events change the visits on this blog

Siri, the personal assistant came to iPhone last week. What came as a surprise to me is that such event can change the long term ranking of visits on this blog and other related pages. The top pages so far were:

The rest were current blog posts and search results form the big G.

This trend was going on for a year and a half now with no disruption. However, this changed last week and the first place (156 visits!!) took a post about an old Apple's vision of a personal assistant (Knowledge Navigator)

 The search terms returned by the big G were:

Jobs has also passed away a few days later and has left a huge legacy of great things and some less great ones behind him. The thing is that Knowledge Navigator has arguably not have been his vision (he was working for NeXT at that time). But it looks like that Siri received his approval.

Welcome to the suburb of "his" impact on the edge of the net. 


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