Triple foldable desk

With three kids two just starting school (so to say) they still need space to play. This is (are) their foldable and movable desk(s).

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Taps 29: more towel dispensers than sinks and horribly aligned

This one is from "45 Photos That Will Annoy You More Than They Should".

At first I thought this is photoshoped. If true they have done a truly amazing job with all the shades. So I guess it's not fake.

Why five dispensers?
We can argue that is never too much. If every sink is used by two people at the same time it makes six possible users. So five dispensers are not enough. Maybe people haven't dried their hands and the owner of this restroom just got annoyed and put five as a reminder to dry hands? It's certainly eye-catching. Or maybe is to make sure that they don't run out of towels? If these wouldn't be automatic, I'd even say to make sure at least one of the towels is ready (so users don't have to roll them out with wet hands).

Why not aligned?
People are of different heights! A child needs to be able to reach for the towel :). Maybe to kill the monotony of sinks. Or ... to have people wonder?

Total success!

Taps 28: Tap to short so hads touch the sink

This one is from "45 Photos That Will Annoy You More Than They Should".

How many times have you encountered such design? I understand that making the taps shorter reduces the overall cost and the end user pays less as a result. OK if it's installed in private homes. But what does such choice tell us about the restaurants' owners?

SuperSorter: Chrome extension that sorts your bookmarks

It has been shown in numerous studies that web bookmarks quickly accumulate and grow out of proportions. Maybe you are even one of those (like me) that gave up bookmarking all together. Now there is a Chrome extension that comes to help - SuperSorter. From the description:

With one click of its button, SuperSorter sorts all of your bookmarks, in all your folders, into alphabetical order. It sorts folders too and if you like it will put the folders at the top of the list above the bookmarks (like in most other browsers).

SuperSorter also deletes empty bookmark folders, deletes duplicate bookmarks in the same folder and merges neighbouring folders with the same name. SuperSorter can also sort bookmarks automatically every few minutes, making it even easier to keep everything tidy.

I just wonder how much of familiarity (if there is such a thing with hundreds to thousands of bookmarks) is lost when the whole bookmark hierarchy gets overhauled. Maybe it just gets more manageable. Based on 329 (as of October 2014) people that liked the extension it must be helpful.