Tiree Tech Wave 6 #tireetechwave #ttw

I'm slightly sad I wont be able to join the PIM workshop this year. The new format (working jointly on new problems rather than presenting previous work) is very attractive and can contribute to new ideas and great work. However, I have participated the similar event three times already -- called Tiree Tech Wave or TTW.

TTW is what I'd call a "slightly different" workshop. It has no official schedule to follow and is a great getaway from everyday work routine to do some research/work on things that otherwise don't get on our schedules. The location of the workshop is ideal: the remote island in the Inner Hebrides.


"The cutting edge of wind-surfing boards is now high technology, but typically made by artisan craftsfolk, themselves often surfers. Similarly hardware platforms such as Arduino, mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and web mashups enabled by public APIs and linked data are all enabling a new maker culture, challenging the hegemony of global corporations."


PIM Workshop 2013 #pim2013

From Rob Capra:

"As many of you know, this year's PIM workshop (held at ASIST 2013) involves a change of format and focus from previous workshops. The workshop will serve as a gathering to collaborate on real, productive, focused work, as opposed to a forum for sharing existing findings. Proposals are solicited from cross-organizational groups outlining real steps to move PIM research and practice forward. Those steps will be initiated at the workshop, and then carried forward by participants afterwards.

We have received some great proposals and are looking forward to those that are yet to come! Some people asked if there was a way to help facilitate connecting people who were interested in joining together to submit a group proposal. We'd like to encourage this, so Jaime Teevan set up this shared SkyDrive document that can be used to connect people and project ideas: http://sdrv.ms/14xBC8R

You can add your project ideas to the shared document to help find interested collaborators (use the "edit in browser" option). You are in no way obligated to submit a proposal for projects that you add to the list. The purpose of writing down an idea is to start a conversation that may (or may not) result in a submission. Feel free to write down more than one idea.

Remember, proposals are due on Sept 22 and should be sent to Rob Capra ( r c a p r a [at] u n c [dot] e d u ).

The main website for PIM 2013 is: http://pimworkshop.org/2013/

We'll be using the #pim2013 hashtag.

Also, feel free to share/tweet/post this email and links.

- rob

Rob Capra"

A sign of a keybord and a droplet at the bottom of the laptop

I'm intrigued by a variety of signs I see around and try to understand them, think if there's a better way to mark things, etc. For example a sign for a speed camera, elevator or airplane seats.

I found this one at the bottom of my Lenovo X61s laptop. Lenovo has a long tradition to label all the screws what they are for. So one doesn't end up unscrewing the whole thing just to take out the keyboard for example. On my Lenovo there's also a keyboard sign with a droplet on the top with no screw besides.

I thought that this might be for spills and after some research I found that with T60 series Lenovo redesigned the keyboard so that if some liquid is spilled over it is caught by rims under the keys and drained out through the canals at the bottom of the keyboard.  I wouldn't dare to try it though!

Showing URLs in the browser's left bottom corner - why is it good?

I have come across debates on the web against the URLs showing up in the browser's left bottom corner if one hovers the mouse over a link. I advocate against hiding the URLs (except in some occasions such as in this guy's giving a presentation) for security reasons. See the below example:

This is an email with an invoice from supposedly NetSuite. But hovering over the link in the email the URL in the left corner reveals that it is not from netsuite.com but rather from saav.fr.

Maybe it looks ugly, maybe a lot of people don't care, maybe a lot of them don't want it. But don't take it away from power users please (as MS took away the status bar in Windows Explorer). I often want to see where the link I'm trying to click on will take me.

I also want to keep the browser's address bar! Am I a lonesome cowboy with such view?

DIY Hedwig - Harry Potter's owl

This one was made by my wife for the book day school's competition for the best costume. Since they are quite expensive (probably because of the size as well) she decided to sacrifice one pillow, a tiny bit of white wool, black and white thread, and a piece of yellow foam sheet. Hedwig is 0.5m high and won the competition together with our Harry.

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