DIY cake pop stand

I made this for my son's birthday to carry it to school. But it can sit on the table and kids can pick them as they like. Better than floral foam or styrofoam and can be made in a desired size.

A bit of a shock when a speed camera shows 188 km/h

I have never driven that fast before :). And in a built-up area! Maybe I was going even faster but the display is capable of showing 188 max.

How to select only full cells in a column - Libreoffice / Openoffice Calc

Imagine having a column in a spread sheet with many lines in which not every line is full; but we want to select only the ones that are full. I'm doing this with a "Find" dialogue box and when wondering if there exists a simpler solution I only came across more complicated ones :/.

Here's is how I do it:

  1. Select the data set in the row with empty and not empty cells.
  2. Open Find & Replace dialogue box (Edit -> Find & Replace from the menu).
  3. In the "Search for" field write this regular expression: .*
  4. Click on "More options" and check "Regular expressions" and "Current selection only".
  5. Click on "Find All"
  6. Copy and Paste wherever wanted.

Hope this is clear enough.

Needless to say that with regular expressions it is possible to select various things:
- Cells containing letters only: [A-z]
- Cells containing numbers only: [0-9]

- ...

For various examples of regular expression see these examples. It's worth learning them.

Downloading from ELMS left me wonder ... bad feedback by a web page

This is ELMS description by Microsoft:

"Microsoft has partnered with e-academy to create Electronic License Management System (ELMS), a license management system that can be custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your department. Your students and faculty can download MSDN AA software and license keys from your department’s exclusive online download center."

  • I started to download Windows 8

  • The download successfully started

  • The progress bar went up to 100% and nicely showed the remaining time.

  • Yes ... I was excited about having it on my computer ... No ... wait ... what? It started the download again? See the "Downloading ..." by the pause button. What was it doing until now? There was nothing by the button so far.

  • The progress bar went up again to 100%

  • This time it did it for real!

Why did the progress bar need to go up to 100% twice? Was it just joking the first time and then did it for real? First time I had an estimate downloading time. Second time I didn't. What was going on?

This is interface with no appropriate feedback. It let's users wonder what is going on.

Change, disable or remove Dropbox overlay emblems on icons in OS X

Dropbox has nice overlays over icons to show if files or folders are (un)synchronised, unable to be or if they are selectively synchronised. However, these overlays overrun OS X overlays.

For example, I have folders all over my file hierarchy that I want to synchronise*. Let's say I have a folder Desktop/PhD and a folder Documents/Resources. If I want to have them in Dropbox all I need to do is to create symbolic links** (shortcuts) to original folders from the Dropbox folder.

$ cd ~/Dropbox
$ ln -s ~/Desktop/PhD
$ ln -s ~/Documents/Resources

Now Dropbox folder has two symbolic links in it, but it synchronises original folders with its servers (and across other computers/devices)***. The way OS X shows these links is with an overlay black arrow symbol like in the picture below.

Dropbox draws its overlays over these arrows in the same spot. There is no way for me to tell which folders are actually in the Dropbox and which are symbolic links.

To find these pictures you need to:

1. Navigate to Applications folder and find Dropbox
2. Right click on it and select "Show package content" from the context menu.
3. In a new finder window navigate to Content/Resources and this is where Dropbox stores all the icons and images.
4. The overlays start with the "emblem" prefix.

You can simply rename them to completely disable them from showing. But I still wanted them to be shown. So I renamed the original files, made copies and edited them so the overlays are on the right side of files' and folders' icons. (You need to log off and on again or restart the computer to see the results)

This way I can see both: Dropbox and OS X overlays:

You can download these files zipped together (you need to unpack the zip first) and copy them to the Content/Resources folder and get the same result.


There are other services that allow to synchronise folders and files from all over the hierarchy without a special "cloud" folder. One such service is sugarsync.

** SymLinks can bee easily created without the command line fiddling with SymbolicLinker and then moved to Dropbox folder.

** Although these links do not take additional space on your hard drive (they are just shortcuts to original folder), the Dropbox folder still gets space taken by the original folder.