Do you know what is the sign for elevator or lift? Or how should it be?

I have to admit I stood before this sign for half a minute before I got it.

It's for the elevator (lift). I wonder why this happened? Have I never seen such sign before? I probably did, but I haven't paid attention to it or it could have had a word Elevetor or Lift by it. Anyway, I'm not alone.

I wondered about other signs for lifts. Here are some I found on the net (sorry for the stock photos ..) and I'm still not sure which one I prefer. I like the one with buttons or the happy couple (although the happy couple would make me wonder and wander as well).

Definitely not this one with two people and a roof above and below them.

This one has buttons and Elevator word ...

And I'm not sure if this is my mental map of a lift!!!?!?!

This one has even sliding doors opening (or closing) 

Taps 18: the hiding tap

What should I do here?

I know .. bend.

Oh wait? Should I wave to the tap on the left (where the sign is) or in the middle (where the tap is)? Bent even more ...

Airplane seat row indication signs - good and bad designs

Aeroplane (bus or whatever vehicle) seat row signs can sometimes be problematic. This happens when a sign doesn't picture the passenger in relation to the seat and the window. For example this one that assumes everyone speaks English:

This one for example shows just the person. I'd assume that the person stands in the aisle and the nearest seat is E or D

This one shows the window only but I like its 3D perspective - very intuitive.

Here is one that shows both window and the person in the aisle. But NOT the seat letter??!?

As it should like on the below example:

However my favourite is this one - very intuitive again!

Taps 17: hold me down tap

I really like this design. But if one wants the water to flow, the handle must be held down constantly. Which is annoying as only one hand at the time can be rinsed. It is even harder to hold down both handles and was the hands. But one can always plug the sink as they do here on the Island.