Taps 20: Vented tap

This one I found in the office kitchen. I have 2 issues with it?

1. Why the spout is not longer so when the water flow is low it drips all over the counter

2. Why would someone want a dripping tap? I understand that the vented tap releases the pressure from water heater when the hot water expands - hence the dripping. So my next question: why not using a different heater? I had lived in houses with water heaters and non of the taps ever dripped. If it would, I wouldn't be able to sleep :).

A bedside lamp switch in the wrong place

Some light switches on bedside lamps (this one is from a hotel in States) always amazed me. Why need to put one's hand near the bulb. I admit that the new eco bulbs don't heat as much as the old ones. Nevertheless, there are other ways to do it. For example the switch in the stand or even on the electric cord. Some might argue that this is just another way to do it (like separate taps), but in my opinion it's simply wrong for security reasons. And no ... it's not intuitive to reach for the switch near the bulb if one has been warned all her/his childhood not to do it :).