Make your own Jumping Jack - a good birthday party activity for kids

I had to keep busy 14 kids (a birthday party) recently and there's nothing better than to challenge them and give them something to work. I designed my own Jumping Jack (Možiček Kopitljaček in Sovene). 

There are three different ones that you can print on an A4 cardboard:

Some photos:

My juice is best before 2076

I could leave the juice for my grandchildren to try :).

There's no other date around the box

This is probably a type and I understand that there might be severe consequences following this mistake.

Taps 13: confusing pulling and turning

This one was tricky even for me, not to mention my son who tried to rotate the left knob (the right one is for soap) for at least a minute before he started to complain. The tap has usual two features:

  • Controlling the flow: by pulling out the little stick on the knob out
  • Controlling the temperature: by turning the knob left and right

Also not clear is on which side the temperature is cold and on which hot.

Power button accessible when netbook is closed - design choice?

Why allow access to power button when netbook is closed? Beyond my imagination ...

CHI 2012 #chi2012 interactivity with lots of photos

Interactivity section of this years CHI 2012 was pretty nice. I took these photos when the interactivity was not yet open. Hence some of the demos are missing. But later on it was too crowded to take photos and I was keeping company to Hesham Kamel, which is an honour on its own :). Beware that photos were taken with my phone because I forgot my camera in my room.

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