Taps design 10 - What am I supposed to do here :(

Another in a long series of taps. This one is also an 'automatic waving one'. It's obvious the the middle one is for the water and the left one for soap. Or is it? Because there's nothing coming out of it and the soap container is placed there as well! But I'd like to see it work just to play with the sensors. I bet they put both spouts to close to each other and the soap kept coming out while rinsing hands ;). However, I like the simplicity of its design.

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MacBook socket/plugs to close for a normal use - bad design by Apple or peripheral manufacturers?

The photo below is from my wife's MacBook. It is impossible to use an USB 3G modem with another USB device. Regular USB cables are fine, but USB thumb drives are a bit bulkier on the sides. This modem covers the ethernet socket as well. Is this a bad design by Apple or peripheral manufacturers?

Taps 9: waterfall taps

These seam to be fashionable these days. The imitation of a waterfall. Although they look nice and I like to play with the "joystick", I don't like this type of taps. The only reason is water splashing. I prefer taps with aerators which turn the stream of water in many droplets. The perceived flow is higher and the water splashing is reduced.

We had one of the "no aerator" type taps in the kitchen of the house we rent. Albeit not AS NICE. But we are glad the landlord let us change it.