TagStore - navigating to files using tags

TagStore is a PIM research prototype that provides a way to tag files and navigate to them using a tag generated hierarchy (I already mentioned it on my list) in addition to a regular hierarchy. It is not the first such system as many similar were developed before (TagFS, Semantic File System, etc.), but you can download it, it works on Windows, Linux and OS X and it is open sourced. But beware, it is a research piece of software.

I'm not particularly good at tagging things (check how I tagged my blog posts a while ago and how I do it now) and I'm also not a big fan of such systems, but you might like it.


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Karl on :

Hi, I'm Karl Voit "father" of TagTrees and tagstore.

I do have one small correction: tagstore is unfortunately not yet
able to be downloaded because we are currently working on installer
packages that lead through the (complicated) process of set-up.

Starting with autumn we are going into the next phase and leaving
the lab: field tests will be conducted and anyone interested can
take part - drop me a line (per email).

Preliminary results show a very high level of confidence and
satisfaction of tagstore users!

Multiple research papers are submitted - I hope for at least two
papers describing tagstore in the next months.

You can follow the project via Twitter -> @TagTrees


Karl on :

I added a whitepaper page on the project website: http://tagstore.ist.tugraz.at/en/papers

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