DataBot Mouse - an interesting unusable idea or not

I run into this prototype computer mouse that seamed very interesting. It "feels" harder to move when dealing with larger files and easier when we dealing with smaller files. And it opens (breathes) when dealing with frequently opened files while it does not open if files are rarely accessed.

File size does not matter in the digital domain anymore and a great percentage of users don't understand the file sizes (I have no actual claim of this, although repairing relatives' computers and teaching ICT to uni students I have an insight to this knowledge). Putting restrains on users based on the size of files and folders is stupid.

The "breathing" of the mouse might be more interesting. Frequently accessed files might be more important than those which are not used very often. The mouse opens and gives feedback about the access of files and folders which is very interesting. I'm not sure that opening the mouse is the right way to do it, but it certainly is a try.

This idea of haptic technology in mouse is a neat proof of concept that could be further explored in more areas.

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.


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