Piles of thumbnails - visualizing document management

In 2005 I presented the paper at the ITI conference. The video below shows some of the ideas from the paper. At the time (after reading Ravisio's paper) the desktop seamed a great space for managing files. I imagined something like (temporarily suspended) Archy - a zoomable interfaced desktop (taken form Pad). But with files and applications. But a lot of us use hierarchies as well :).

Here's a demo video (I have no idea why the mouse pointer is always few centimeters below what it is clicked):


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Persistent Inappeasable Mind on : Tab Candy - Aza's new ideas

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Horizontal/Linear tabs at the top of a browser were for many users not enough anymore (at least for me, my wife, Andy and Aza). In times when we used browsers with no tabs we had to find other ways for keeping all task related URL's together since the win


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