Starfire - a Sun's 1994 vision of PIM and HCI in 2004

A few day ago we posted an old Apple's 1987 video about the vision of the office in 2011. Starfire is a 1994 Sun's vision of a life in 2004. We aren't there yet, but ubiquity is its main focus which I'm looking forward to experience.

The only thing I do not understand is that 8 keys keyboard used at the presentation panel!?!

More information and original video are also available from AskTog.


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Persistent Inappeasable Mind on : Voice recognition and narative based PIM interfaces

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You know it from your phone: tell a name, and I'll call that person for you. Example: I speak to the phone "mum" and it calls dad :). Joke aside, voice recognition on the phones never worked for me. But apparently the Windows 7 voice recognition

Persistent Inappeasable Mind on : Microsoft's 2009 vision of PIM in 2019

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In the last few posts we have shown videos of possible PIM of the future: Apple's personal assistant from 1987 about life in 2011 Sun's Starfire concept from 1994 about life in 2004 and Virtual reality PIM from 2002 In 2009 Microsoft publishe


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