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A little bit more on counting RSS subscriptions. I'm posting on this blog cca. every 5 days (e.g. on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of the month). It is really easy to see how many people visit the site on such days with Google Analytics. So I'd guess that I have around 20 RSS subscribers.

Lets count again as I did the last time:

# of RSS accesses 

$ grep index.rss access.log | wc -l

# of different IP address accessing RSS

$ grep index.rss access.log | awk '{IP[$1]++;} END {for(s in IP) print IP[s], s;}' | wc -l

# of people accessing RSS from dynamic IPs 343/30(days in a month)=11

$ grep index.rss access.log | awk '{IP[$1]++;} END {for(s in IP) print IP[s], s;}'| awk '{if ($1>0 && $1<100) print $1,$2}' | wc -l

# of people with fixed IPs

$ grep index.rss access.log | awk '{IP[$1]++;} END {for(s in IP) print IP[s], s;}'| awk '{if ($1>100) print $1,$2}' | wc -l

11+26=37 divided by 2 as this number seams too high (precision is a virtue :)) and we get 18.5 which is close to my estimate at the beginning. But I might be completely wrong as well.


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