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Every door needs operating instructions ... like this

Something is wrong with the design if simple objects like doors and taps need instructions. 

But this one makes sense!


Taps - a collection of designs

If wondered, I became fascinated by taps and their strange designs when I realised my children were having thoughts of how to use them. Since then I took photos of interesting, nice, clean, strange and failed designs. If you have any to share, I would be glad to add them to my collection.

Here is a list so far ...





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Taps 32: water control at the end of the spout

This tap has the flow control at the end of the spout just above the aerator. The design can control the water flow and there apparently is no way to control the temperature. The water was by default nicely warm.

Taps 32: foot operated drinking fountain

Hands free operating (think of holding your hair if you are a long haired person).

Taps 31: a lot of instructions to wash hands

Whoever made this custom mount for the soap dispenser and cut the hole in the closet, should have taken the broken one away :). They must have had a lot of questions from the costumers to write these instructions down.