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Wednesday, December 17. 2014

Taps 32: foot operated drinking fountain

Physical Interfaces

Hands free operating (think of holding your hair if you are a long haired person).

Wednesday, December 10. 2014

Taps 31: a lot of instructions to wash hands

Physical Interfaces

Whoever made this custom mount for the soap dispenser and cut the hole in the closet, should have taken the broken one away :). They must have had a lot of questions from the costumers to write these instructions down.


Wednesday, December 3. 2014

DIY simple phone holder


I started to do this while back before the availability of cheap universal solutions from Asia. When I switched phones my expensive dedicated Nokia 6310 holder didn't fit my new phone. As the mount and the holes were already there I decided to make several holders myself (for and my wife). Below are some example photos and a general steps taken:

  • Measure your phone
  • Cut plexiglass in a desired shape that would hold your phone (not to obstruct buttons)
  • Make a piece of wood the size of your phone
  • Heat up the plexi and bend it around the piece of wood
  • Paint it as desired
  • Mount it as desired

Wednesday, November 26. 2014

Taps 30: fountain with a weak water flow

This one is from "45 Photos That Will Annoy You More Than They Should".

Sunday, November 16. 2014

Another door lacking affordances

Physical Interfaces

Despite all the hype around design new buildings still get doors with false affordances. The door looks completely the same at both sides while it opens to the outside only. This direction of opening door to the outside is mandatory for public buildings for safety reasons (think of evacuating the building). However, when I'm exiting the building I first follow the affordance of the handle (that invites pulling) only to realise I need to push it to the outside.

I wrote about a few good and bad examples: example #1, example #2, example #3 and example #4.