Inky: A Sloppy Command Line for the Web

Inky is a nice application that helps filling up the web forms like reserving a room, writing an email, … But unfortunately is not available to download. Who remembers Mozilla Ubiquity mashups? Is "command line interface" (in a sense :)) the future of web browsing?

ABSTRACT from the paper Inky: A Sloppy Command Line for the Web [PDF]

We present Inky, a command line for shortcut access to common web tasks. Inky aims to capture the efficiency benefits of typed commands while mitigating their usability problems. Inky commands have little or no new syntax to learn, and the system displays rich visual feedback while the user is typing, including missing parameters and con- textual information automatically clipped from the target web site. Inky is an example of a new kind of hybrid be- tween a command line and a GUI interface. We describe the design and implementation of two prototypes of this idea, and report the results of a field study.