Upgrade upgrade upgrade

I just don’t get it. How every software package can be so annoying and pop up a window after a window after a window about so great oh and dooh new version of it. How can we – users even cope with it? Security? Come on! Can’t OS handle it some how? While using Ubuntu for the last decade I got so pampered with upgrades (everything gets updated with one click and it can be even automatized) that it now annoys me even more. 

Recently (Friday – 4 days ago) Firefox wanted to be upgraded. I was in the middle of a task and clicked on "Remind me later". I haven’t been using my laptop for 4 days and today I got the same annoying window. I decided to upgrade from a version 3.6.X (I have no idea which) to 3.6.4. After Firefox restarted it greeted me with this windows:

It was a surprise to greet me with a recommendation for a new upgrade! Haven’t I just decided to upgrade and upgraded it and it restarted the whole browser? And now I have to do it once more? I clicked on the link and a new page withe the latest version 3.6.6 showed up. Can it get more annoying.

Yes! Firefox never checks if my plug-ins are going to be compatible with a new version upfront. I would appreciate if it would tell me in advance which plug-ins are not going to work (although I remember it once doing it). Right now I ended up with a few non compatible plug-ins. But at least they wont crush my browser anymore.

PS: I do like FF. I do like its extensibility. I do like the philosophy behind it. I do understand why it is important to upgrade with latest security patches. But since Aza is in charge of its usability I would expect better. ….. And I understand that Linux distributions have software repositories. And that OS X has AppFresh  (or similar software) but it just isn’t the same user experience.

PSS: Windows 8 will supposedly have a repository of software as well (App store kind) which might be a good or a bad thing (forcing developers to stick to their rules)