App store – the lack of feedback during the installation of software

I just used the App store on OS X for the first time (I know, I know … the early adopter 3 years after the release). I prefer the standalone software that can be downloaded from developers’ web sites. But I needed Xcode and there’s no other way.

However I was left puzzled after clicking the


as this is the screen after the buttons were clicked:

The only thing that the interface reveals is that the software is installing. No way of saying the progress of it. I left it for a few minutes hoping that it will change and show the progress. Nope. Then I started to explore the UI and finally hit the "Purchases"?!? 

And here it was the missing progress …

I haven’t purchased the software nor was I expecting to find the progress there. It would be more "natural" to find it on the page of the software itself (and in addition maybe on the purchases page – although the latter should be named differently … maybe Downloads and purchases).

This was similarly confusing than the MS ELMS web page