Tap with boling water and a safety switch

I’m not quite sure what to think about this one. It’s not hard to operate, has a safety button to prevent scolding, you can get boiling water instantly and it looks like a Christmas tree with all the lights :). Obviously this tap is not meant to wash hands or even dishes under the water flow as it is impossible to get just warm water to flow. However, it is possible to plug the sink and get the water of the desired temperature in it. So this is a mixer tap with separate tap functionality! Didn’t know that such a thing exists :).

The buttons and lights all have labels. Lights for example are for boiling water, filter change (the middle one) and chilled water. The safety button has a Safety label on.

Cold water flows just by pressing the blue button. 

Hot water on the other hand does not start flowing by simply pressing the red button. For boiling water the safety and red button need to be pressed simultaneously.