OS X Finder versioning and duplicating files or folders

I just found out about the interesting file manipulating techniques in Finder file manager:

  • Option (ALT) + dragging the file or folder in its own parent folder: creates a new version of a file or folder by adding a consecutive number in the file or folder name.


    • Dragging a file named Thesis.doc to its parent folder (while holding down the Option key) creates a file named Thesis 2.doc
    • If the extension of the file is more exotic (e.g. printer.ppd) it will add the consecutive number after the extension (e.g. printer.ppd 2).
    • If the name of the file has the integer number preceded by the space (e.g. Thesis 2.doc) it will add the consecutive number (e.g. Thesis 3.doc)
    • If the number is not integer or is not preceded by the space (e.g. Thesis2.doc, Thesis 1.3.doc) it will just add the number 2 to it (e.g. Thesis2 2.doc, Thesis 1.3 2.doc)
    • If numbers are preceded by zeros (e.g. Thesis 002.doc, 001.doc, 00.doc) it will delete them (e.g. Thesis 3.doc, 2.doc, 1.doc)
    • If multiple files are dragged and dropped (e.g. Thesis 2.doc, Thesis 3.doc, Thesis 4.doc), it will add consecutive numbers from the highest of them (e.g. Thesis 5.doc, Thesis 6.doc, Thesis 7.doc)

  • Command + D: creates a new file of folder and adds the word copy to it

    E.g.: Thesis.doc will be copied in a new file named Thesis copy.doc

Original post at Mac OS X Hints.