Information management versus Task information management

These two are two different approaches that overlap.

  • A collection of papers managed in folders and subfolders is managed as PIC
    Different subsets can be used for different tasks
  • A user has three folders: notes, papers, XXX: Files are organized in PICs by type. But the same files in notes folder are used to create several files belongign to distinctive tasks in papers.
  • User has a folder Proposal in which she stores a lot of documents that were related to the proposal. A new proposal is in a new folder but information from the old is related to the new and is used fro other reports as well.

It seams like that files are organized by thematic criteria and then used by different tasks. Mental links between them are managed in users’ heads.

There is evidence that to some extent users try to organize information by (maybe short-lived) task in folders. Even then, for a presentation, a user might use some information from one folder (e.g. Proposal), some graphics from another folder (e.g. Graphics), etc. Users do not move these information in the same folder as the presentation. But they know it is related.And keep these relations in their heads.

We can say that information management and task information management overlap: information in one PIC used for many TICs while some PICs are TICs as well.