Personal information management services market to reach £16.5b

The Information Daily posted an article about how PIM will become like some sort of addition to personal life coaching worth £16.6 billion. Life coaching is a big business overseas in states (although there are some sceptics of how much it helps).

From the article:

"At present, says Jessica Bland a technology researcher at Nesta, PIMS
services are a niche business category that has reached few of the 27
million households in the UK used to make the £16.5 billion market
estimate. However, people’s relationship with data about themselves is
evolving fast and PIMS are one way to make abstract conversations about
personal data, and how to balance data protection and data-driven
innovation, much more concrete."

But before you jump and start a new company to get a share of the estimated sum, the consulting firm behind the report (paywalled) is already in the business and maybe slightly biased :).

Thank you William for sharing this.