PIM paper: Nebeling et. al. “Engineering information management tools by example”

This paper is about development of PIM tools based on "designing by example". Example in this case is Adobe Lightroom.

Michael Nebeling, Matthias Geel and Moira C. Norrie, 

Engineering Information Management Tools by Example


While there are many established methodologies for information systems development, designing by example has not
been formally explored and applied previously. Our work
is also motivated by the desire to explore interface-driven
development techniques that could complement existing approaches such as model-driven engineering with the goal of
reducing the need for modelling and reengineering of existing applications and interfaces, while still supporting the
development task. We explore the example-based technique
for rapid development of powerful and flexible information
management tools based on the example of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a system that was originally designed to
support the workflow of digital photographers in a flexible
way. We analyse experiments in which two new systems —
one for managing collections of research papers and another
for software project management — were developed based on
the Lightroom paradigm. We derive a conceptual framework for engineering by example and assess the method by
comparing it to traditional model-driven engineering.