3 confusing recycling boxes

We have three boxes to recycle litter:

  • Green box with yellow lid: cardboard & glass bottles, jrs
  • Green box with yellow lid: paper, newspapers, & cans, tins & milk bottle tops
  • Black box with red lid: plastic bottles

I don’t mind recycling. Actually I like recycling because I makes me feel a better person. I had 7 boxes in Sweden to recycle almost everything: cardboard, paper, colored glass, transparent glass, hard plastic, soft plastic, wood and similar hardware. But each one had its own litter box with a picture of what goes inside.

Now I have two identical boxes and no sign of what goes in. Lets look at the example that often happens to me. Every two weeks the boxes are emptied. I know that the plastic goes in the black one. If I want to put in some paper I choose one of the yellow boxes. Then I want to put in some cardboard and I have to check which one is empty. I want to put in some glass later, I have to check the leaflet (which is now hanged on the door to the backyard where the boxes are) if it goes with paper or cardboard and I have to find out in which of the two boxes contains cardboard. An so on. So every time I first check the leaflet to see what goes where and then I have to find the proper yellow lid.

It might be only me but I really think it’s stupid to go through this process every time. I thought of simplifying the procedure with writing or drawing a picture on the lid of what goes in the box.  But none of the neighbors has done something similar and I’m not sure if I can do it (city council’s property). Then I decided to have paper in the left and cardboard in the right box. But I can’t never remember what I have decided and mix the two again and again. So I gave up.

Thankfully, city council has come to help me. As of August  they changed the rules:

  • Green box with yellow lid: Plastic bottles, tins, cans, glass bottles and jars
  • Black box with red lid: Newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, cardboard, catalogues and telephone directories

There will be only two boxes of different color and lids :). Ta!