Rat’s temper and Annoying updates in Perls Before Swine

I had a nice laugh reading this comic:

Rat might love Linux for its updating features, but he would lose temper making some of the hardware work :).

I always thought that updates popups are annoying. I love it how Linux distributions update and (sometimes) upgrade the whole software stack. I know why is this possible and that this is not as easy to do in other major OSes (OS X and Windows). Although appstores will make a step in this direction (but unfortunatelly OSS is unwelcome in some). At the moment I’ll still use AppFresh (still beta) on my OS X. It looks up web pages like IUseThis and checks if software got updated. It’s not as smooth as on Linux, but it’s a step forward.

Edit 14. 3. 2011: It seams that neither Apples’s AppStore  nor Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace are compatible with open source licenses at the moment :(.