IBM researchers predict holographic images in cell phones

This 6 months old article in Bloomberg has a story about how IBM predicts holographic phone calls by 2015 (in only 4 years!). Video phones were not well adopted in the history for several reasons (cost, privacy, accuracy). I was looking around the web to find out more about this prediction and I couldn’t find anything.

So where does this claim come from? From the article, not all of their past prediction came true (like widespread adoption of second life). But a lot of them did. So is this holographic hype just to raise stock price? Possibly. However, even Nokia did something in this direction (all of which might be obsolete as it is based on Maemo platform).

I’m excited to see where this is going, but I wouldn’t be comfortable to have all my phone conversations with it. I might make facial expressions I wouldn’t like to be seen by the person on the other side of the phone. I might as well not be dressed appropriately for the environment in which the other person would be :). Happy imagination …