Visualizing large hierarchies

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Visualizing large hierarchies

Besides lines and nodes (the way file hierarchies are presented in today's file managers) and indented outlines (like the table of content of a document) there are several other (large) hierarchy visualizations. Most of these visualizations do provide an overall view on a hierarchy but most are not suitable to manage personal information. Some of them focus only one aspect of information items (e.g. size) and do not provide enough contextual clues for easy performing pim activities.

* 3-dimensional cone trees [1]
Figure 1: The cone tree
* fviz (improved cone trees or a balloon view of radial trees) [2]
Figure 2: Cam tree
* Dynamic pruning in the TreeBrowser with dynamic queries[3]
Figure 3: TreeBrowser with pruning by dynamic queries
* Hyperbolic trees (+focus)[4]
Figure 4: Hyperbolic tree
* Treemap (1991) uses a size of files and visualizes them as rectangles where the biggest file takes the biggest space on screen [33]. This visualization is good to spot biggest files but not for everyday management. [5]
Figure 5: Treemap
* StepTree - a 3D treemap to navigate large hierarchies [6]
Figure 6: StepTree
* Beamtrees[7]
Figure 7: Beamtree
* Botanical Trees[7]
Figure 8: Botanical tree
* PhylloTrees[8]
Figure 9: Phyllotree
* Information cube (a nested box metaphor) [9]
Figure 10: Information cube
* Fractal trees[10]
Figure 11: Fractal tree
* Circular trees[11]
Figure 13: Circular tree
* PolyPlane trees[12]
Figure 12: PolyPlane tree
* Information slices: Visualising and Exploring Large Hierarchies using Cascading, Semi-Circular Discs[13]
Figure 13: Information slices
* Hierarchical Edge Bundles[14]
Figure 13: Information slices
* Radial tree [15][16]
Figure 13: Information slices
* Disc Trees (plain disc trees and compact disc trees) (a variant of Cone trees)[17]
Figure 13: Information slices
* Cat-a-Cone [18]
Figure 13: Information slices
* RF-Cone [19]
Figure 13: Information slices

* LyberWorld
* Bubble tree [20]
Figure 14: Bubble tree
* Tree radial [20]
Figure 15: Tree radial
* Tree walker [20]
Figure 16: Tree Walker

Overview papers - Further reading:

Ivan Herman, Guy Melançon and M. Scott Marshall, Graph visualization and navigation in information visualization: A survey, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 24--43, 2000 PDF

Other visualization (related or not to hierarchies):

Ben Shneiderman, The eyes have it: A task by data type taxonomy for information visualizations, The craft of information visualization: readings and reflections, 364--371, 2003 PDF


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