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PIM workshops

PIM Workshops are intended to bring PIM researchers together. Workshops are held approximately every 18 months as a part of a bigger conference.

List of past PIM workshops:


A those interested in PIM reaearch, several lists of bibliographies exist. Some are short (good to start with) and some are very long (for advanced and interested in the topic).


Academic reading

  • Victor Kaptelinin and Mary Czerwinski (Editors), Beyond the Desktop Metaphor: Designing Integrated Digital Work Environments, 2007, MIT Press Books, The MIT Press

Non academic reading

Task and information management books from David Allen

  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, 2001, Penguin Books, ISBN 0-14-200028-0
  • Ready for Anything, 2003, Viking Books, ISBN 0-670-03250-6
  • Making it All Work, 2008, Viking Books, ISBN 978-0-7499-4103-1

Books on information management techniques:

  • Personal Information Management: Tools and Techniques for Achieving Professional Effectiveness. Barbara Etzel & Peter Thomas. 1999. 2nd edition. ISBN 978-0814722008

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