PIM Workshop 2013 #pim2013

From Rob Capra:

"As many of you know, this year’s PIM workshop (held at ASIST 2013) involves a change of format and focus from previous workshops. The workshop will serve as a gathering to collaborate on real, productive, focused work, as opposed to a forum for sharing existing findings. Proposals are solicited from cross-organizational groups outlining real steps to move PIM research and practice forward. Those steps will be initiated at the workshop, and then carried forward by participants afterwards.

We have received some great proposals and are looking forward to those that are yet to come! Some people asked if there was a way to help facilitate connecting people who were interested in joining together to submit a group proposal. We’d like to encourage this, so Jaime Teevan set up this shared SkyDrive document that can be used to connect people and project ideas: http://sdrv.ms/14xBC8R

You can add your project ideas to the shared document to help find interested collaborators (use the "edit in browser" option). You are in no way obligated to submit a proposal for projects that you add to the list. The purpose of writing down an idea is to start a conversation that may (or may not) result in a submission. Feel free to write down more than one idea.

Remember, proposals are due on Sept 22 and should be sent to Rob Capra (

r c a p r a [at] u n c [dot] e d u

The main website for PIM 2013 is: http://pimworkshop.org/2013/

We’ll be using the #pim2013 hashtag.

Also, feel free to share/tweet/post this email and links.

– rob

Rob Capra"