Taps 2

This tap has one handle which can be only turned to the right. No buttons, no pressing, no pulling.  The problem with this tap is that you can’t control the water jet and temperature separately. So there are three options only:

  • low pressure water jet and cold water,
  • middle pressure water jet and warm water,
  • high pressure water jet and hot water.

One could argue that it can’t be used in a wrong way (it is installed in a public bathroom). But this tap would only make sense if the water pressure would be the same for all temperatures and not changing with the temperature.

Edit 24.5.2010: I found another example in an older building (the one above is located in a new modern glass-steel building). It has a nice arrow on a handle with "OFF" at the beginning of it and "HOT" at the end of it.  The handle moves only from left to right and back. And again, flow of the water is tight to the temperature (cold water low flow and hot water high flow).