Symbol of a traffic camera signs – do and will they make sense to new generations?

I still remember the anecdote of Adobe whose Photoshop did not sell well in Japan. Why not? Because their splash screen contained an eye which was offensive to Japanese. Today I drove down the road and I saw a speed camera sign (which UK is full of) and realized it is a symbol of an very old Brownie camera.  It maybe does not even look like camera to today’s standards. And I was wondering what would such image mean to generations to come. Their cameras won’t look similar to the one on a photo (design sheets from DFT). 


How do signs for traffic cameras (speed, red light, control) look around the world? Here’s how, and some designs are way better than UK’s:

Some EU countries like France, Italy

Somewhere in USA

USA Seattle


Another one in Australia





Greece (a lot of British tourists down there)

USA – Iowa 

USA – warning of a cam with no cam

USA – Seattle


USA – California

USA Washington Bellevue

New Zealand (no cam)



Australia, Perth

Canada, Quebec

Australia, Sydney

Canada Winnipeg


USA, Connecticut.png

Canada, Quebec



Which one do you like most?