Task information collections – a Firefox extension or PIM prototype

It’s finally out. A project/task/activity manager tool that sits in Firefox web browser as a web page on your local computer. See it in action!

TICs provides buckets (or think desktops) for projects related
fragmented information. It lets you create links to files, folders, web
pages, web based email and pieces of text (under a task or project
umbrella) by dragging them over the extension page. You can then quickly
group and access this resources from within Firefox. It also lets you
add your own notes, due dates, people and similar tags to information
you drag or create. It also helps you understand your projects by
finding overlaps through information and provides an overview of
collections changes over time. You don’t need to learn new organization
techniques and it lets you externalize and preserve some additional
project knowledge you already have, but is otherwise hard to externalise
in standard applications.

Install TIC from Mozilla Add-ons