Visulize the reuse of your passwords online – Password Reuse Visualizer

Passwords are bits of personal information that enable us to authenticate, authorize (and sometimes account) password protected (digital) resources. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to visualize the reuse? First of all, reusing passwords for different websites is A BAD idea. If a password gets stolen on one site, attackers have access to other sites as well. This add-on can help us see where we reuse our passwords and where we use similar passwords (and possibly change them).

Explanation of visualization:

  • Green dots are passwords
  • Blue dots are web pages
  • Yellow squares between green dots represent the similarity between two passwords

I know that passwords are very sensitive information to reveal to an add-on, however the code is open source and you can scan through it.

Below image shows one part of my visualization. I’m impressed as I recently changed tons of passwords on different websites. And where passwords are reused (see the star below), this is one web service with different subdomains (e.g.,