Skype information fragmentation

It’s interesting doing a research of phenomena that directly affect me. 

I started a conversation a few days ago with my supervisor on Skype. He seamed to be online and Skype looked promising to get a quick answer. So I typed and I typed my thoughts and questions in the chat box but I didn’t get any response that day. The next day I asked him over the email if he got my Skype message. In the afternoon I logged in on Skype with my username on my wife’s computer (it was online and it was too much of a hassle to turn on my computer just to call someone) and I forgot to log out. The third day in the morning I received supervisor’s email that he answered to my Skype question and he complained that:

"I wish skype had some way of
notifying you about its IM activity. …  Actually only just
noticed there is an indication of unread messages in the chat window

I must try to visit it sometimes – too many different communication
channels to check now-a-days, email, skype, twitter, facebook, SMS –
with too little integration".

The funniest part was that I didn’t get his message in Skype on my computer. That afternoon I complained to my wife and she said that I got the message on her computer. It took three days to get the answer that could be answered in minutes and I would never know receiving it if I wouldn’t complain!

Skype is not synchronizing events over several devices. I use Skype on my computer, on my cell phone and sometimes on other people’s computers. And my conversations now lay on several devices. Even funnier! Half of the mentioned conversation is on my computer while the other half is on my wife’s computer. How god is that Sykpe :).

PS: This conversation is by definition called "information item" (Jones, Keeping found things found, 2008) but it is now fragmented over two devices and it’s whole semantics can not be concluded from just one part.