No place to turn the key around - another hack not done right

I was given a key to this door and got pinched immediately. There is just enough space to turn the key around and nothing more. The bottom lock is not in function. Just the top one is.

FTP and how technical one needs to get to use it

I got a request to install WordPress on a server for a friend of mine. All I got was the IP address of the FTP server, username and password.

I opened my favourite FTP client Filezilla, entered the data and:

I thought to myself "can't be bothered to deal with network configuration right now" and opened my second favourite client CyberDuck. Connecting without a problem. But when I started to transfer files over ...


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Door and door handle design - when there is no space to put the handle in horizontal position

An interesting door design (municipality building) where the handle part coming out of the door is to short to be put in horizontal position since there is a door window in the way. It could be simply solved with another handle, but why bother :). One must use right hand to push the handle anti-clockwise; although the left side of the door opens. If left hand is used to pull down the handle it gets in the way of the left window handle.

From the other side the handle looks normal.

Laptop - just one USB port and on the "wrong" side

The life is changing and Apple is diching type A USB port entirely. However, if you do design a laptop with ports, try harder to place them so users can actually use them. I had a pleasure to use the laptop on the photo below of a student of mine. The laptop is not branded for left-handed people, the students was sold a wired mouse with a "short" wire and the only USB port is on the left side. How the seller was expecting her to be a happy user and returning costumer is beyond my imagination.

DIY Head form for Echolocation prototype

I needed to create a head form as a stand for our "Echolocation" prototype. I followed these instructions (thx Dali-Lomo) and have came up with what can be seen below.

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