Dyson airblade review

This hand dryer in a public restroom/toilet positively surprised me. It's a Dyson's airblade (a company more known for their vacuum cleaners). It drys hands by blowing a thin jet of air which removes all water drops from hands. So everything one has to do is to place hands in and take them out. Voila, done! Is apparently the most hygienic, energy efficient (it takes seconds to dry hands with cool air), and probably most expensive ($1400) hand dryer on the market :)


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Foge on :

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Matjaž Kljun on :

There are only 2 images on the dryer which I find more explanatory as the usual air blowers. Take hands in and take them out. Repeat for 10 seconds.

My 5 years old child found it simple enough and it understood the concepts in milli secs :). While some air blowers still confuse him (the ones with no apparent buttons to start them).

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