Downloading from ELMS left me wonder ... bad feedback by a web page

This is ELMS description by Microsoft:

"Microsoft has partnered with e-academy to create Electronic License Management System (ELMS), a license management system that can be custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your department. Your students and faculty can download MSDN AA software and license keys from your department’s exclusive online download center."

  • I started to download Windows 8

  • The download successfully started

  • The progress bar went up to 100% and nicely showed the remaining time.

  • Yes ... I was excited about having it on my computer ... No ... wait ... what? It started the download again? See the "Downloading ..." by the pause button. What was it doing until now? There was nothing by the button so far.

  • The progress bar went up again to 100%

  • This time it did it for real!

Why did the progress bar need to go up to 100% twice? Was it just joking the first time and then did it for real? First time I had an estimate downloading time. Second time I didn't. What was going on?

This is interface with no appropriate feedback. It let's users wonder what is going on.


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