Bash - looping or capturing a multiple line command output

I tried to loop a command which returns a multi-line result in a bash script. The problem was that the quoted command returned ONE line instead of each line separately. So I ended with one line consisted of multi-line result while I was expecting that the quotes would preserve the spacing. Without quotes I got each "word" in a new line while I was expecting everything in one line (without quotes should replace multiple blanks, tabs and newlines with a single space). Here is the "faulty" script:

#for line in `ls -l`
#for line in $(ls -l)
for line in "$(ls -l)" 
    echo $line"XXX"    

Not quite sure if this is due to OS X (or BSD) environment but I got around it by piping the command to the while loop:

(ls -l) | while read line
     echo $line"xxx"


while read line; do
    echo $line"xxx"
done < <(ls -l)


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